Akkurat Orgeln

Performance/Sound-Installation on multiple Keyboards, 2014.
Keyboards (Casio & Yamaha), String, Matchsticks, Computer. Together with Ivo Francx.


By reordering III Präludium und Fuge Cis-Dur, BWV 848 from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Das Wohltemperierte Klavier a composition is generated which starts with the note sounding for the longest time in the piece and ending with the one occuring for the shortest time. In between all the other notes used in Bach’s piece are being slowly layered on top each other in order of their total length in the composition.


Drawing it’s inspiration from the universal contemporary usage of harmonic scales and therefore the influence of Andreas Werckmeister’s work and the ‘tech-demos’ Bach wrote for his temperaments, the performance oscillates between fugue and drone leaving a temporary installation producing a continous drone of all the notes used in III Präludium und Fuge Cis-Dur, BWV 848.



Thanks to Clemens Mairhofer, bb15 and Hansi Raber for the help.